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"Dutch Bros" in the snow
it is wonderful hot or cold! 

My favorite is a Grasshopper Freeze... but now I'm a regular for a Carburetor with sugar free Chocolate and Coconut.
Anne, Leslie, me, Wayne, Ken, Karen, and Grant!

             Judy G

Our Kids

One snowy morning, our neighbor had built this friendly fellow for the neighborhood to enjoy!

Welcome to my personal desk, where I put things that I enjoy.

Snowmen fall from 
Heaven unassembled!

I have been singing with the Harmony of the Gorge chorus for over 30 years.  Since 2021, I have had the pleasure of directing this marvelous group of women.

Check out our official "AspenCharms.com"
website to view some of Ken's jewelry.

Wayne "Kenneth" Galloway Jr.

Here's Ken!  Since the day we met back on 10/26/68, Ken has been my rock.  I might think him "square" at times - but he's packed with love and always has good advice for me to listen to or totally ignore. We have five marvelous, grown kids who somehow survived growing up with us as parents... and they now have their own families to watch over.
If you're brave enough -- ask any of them what the craziest thing we ever did together -- it'd somehow have something to do with: a blue VW Diesel rabbit, no air conditioning, 8 people, and a long trip! 

During the Covid-years, I was surprised when our District President (and friend), John Rettenmayer from Missoula, MT, arrived at our house and presented me with the 2020 Barbershop of the Year award. Below is the printed announcement.

Meet My "Judy" Avatar...

During November 2021 and again during the summer of 2022, I was invited to take part in my first "virtual world" convention as a "builder" for the Evergreen District's space during BHS's  Mid-Winter Convention.  Truly this was a life-changing event - especially at this time when we couldn't get together to talk or sing.  The vitual and avatar world continues to open up new possibilities for bringing people together now
- and as a way to give
geographically distanced
folks a way to stay
connected with the
hobbies and interests that
they love.

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